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Bottle On Head Relay (Outside Game)

Posted by: Buffalo Dream Center

Game Type: relay | Location: outdoor | Food: No | Messy: No | Kidz Club: Yes | Urban Impact Youth: No


4 girls
4 boys
1 girl to hold jar on head
1 boy to hold jar on head
2 sponges
2 buckets full of water
2 jars


The girl and boy holding the jars on their head are to sit at the end of the tarps. The rest of the teams line up at the front, behind their bucket of water. One sponge should be in each bucket. On “go” the first person on each team pick up the sponge, runs to the jar and squeezes the sponge into the jar. Then the next person goes. Continue until the whistle is blown. The team with the most water in their jar is the winner.