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Spaghetti Head

Posted by: Buffalo Dream Center

Game Type: group | Location: indoor | Food: Yes | Messy: No | Kidz Club: Yes | Urban Impact Youth: No


1 girl for the spaghetti head
1 boy for the spaghetti head
4 girls
4 boys
2 boxes of spaghetti


Have the “spaghetti heads” stand at the front. Have the teams line up at the back with their box of spaghetti. On “go” the first person takes on piece of spaghetti out of the box, runs to their person and sticks it in their head. The team takes turns running down and putting spaghetti in their teammates head. When the whistle blows the person with the most spaghetti in their head is the winning team.

** You don’t have to make this a relay. You could just pick 2 people from each team and see which team gets the most noodles in their players head before the whistle blows.