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Captain of the Ship

Posted by: Buffalo Dream Center

Game Type: group | Location: indoor | Food: No | Messy: No | Kidz Club: Yes | Urban Impact Youth: No


1 volunteer to be the captain
1 volunteer to judge


One person is the captain. They are to call out orders to everyone else. If they obey the orders they are safe. If a person does not follow an order, they are out. The last player(s) are the winners.

Orders (you can use as many as you want):
To the ship – skate to the right
To the island – skate to the left
Hit the deck – lay down on your stomach
Attention on deck – Stop, salute and yell “Aye, Aye captain”
Three men in a boat - Form groups of three (whoever is not in a group is out)
The love boat – Grab a partner and dance (whoever is not with a partner is out)
Scrub the deck – Everyone on his or her knees pretending to scrub the deck
Man-Over –Board – Find a partner (who ever doesn’t have a partner is out)
Shark – Everyone must run to a designated base (the last person there is out)
Sick turtle – Everyone must lay on their back and wave hands and feet in the air
Bow – Skate forwards
Stern – skate backwards

** This game could be played without skates in an open area or gym.