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Situations Cards

Posted by: Buffalo Dream Center

Game Type: group | Location: indoor | Food: No | Messy: No | Kidz Club: Yes | Urban Impact Youth: No


Situation cards


Put the box in the middle of the circle. Write situations on cards or pieces of paper. Have the children in the group each pick a card. Give them 30 seconds to think of their response. Have the children, one at a time, share their response.

Your friend has started shoplifting
Your sister is not old enough to drink, but you found a beer bottle in her closet.
Your friends are teasing a kid at school who is different. They want you to join in.
Your sister keeps barging in your room.
You and your friend are bored.
The person sitting next to your in math wants to see your answers, so they can copy.
Kids make fun of you and your family because you are poor and donít have nice clothes.
Your brother keeps beating you up
You are sleeping overnight at a friendís house. They want you to drink alcohol.
A bully picks on you everyday at school.
Your friend took $5.00 form someoneís purse
You are afraid to go home because your mom is doing drugs.
Your parents are getting divorced
Every weekend when you go to your dadís house, he gets drunk.