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Ice Cream Game

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Game Type: group | Location: indoor | Food: Yes | Messy: No | Kidz Club: No | Urban Impact Youth: Yes


4 girls, 4 boys OR 3 girls, 3 boys – round 2, 1 boy, 1 girl
4 half gallons of ice cream cut in half, plates, garbage cans, paper towels, ketchup, mustard


Players stand behind an empty table – the ice cream is out of sight. They are asked which they prefer: ketchup or mustard. Once they have chosen, the ice cream is placed in front of them. Ketchup or mustard is then squirted on top as a topping.
On “GO”, players must eat as much of the ice cream as they can in the time allotted. The 2 players that ate the most, when the time is up, wins OR the boy and girl that ate the most move on to round 2.
can only use their mouth to eat the ice cream. If they barf it out, they are disqualified.