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Balloon Elimination

Posted by: Lindsie Rutherford (

Game Type: up front | Location: indoor | Food: | Messy: Yes | Kidz Club: No | Urban Impact Youth: Yes


regular size balloons
shaving cream
garbage bags


Balloons are to be blown up in sets: for 6 players start with 6 balloons, then a set of 5 and so on until you have the last set of 2. Each set must have 1 of the balloons filled with shaving cream.

The players are blindfolded and stood in a line facing the crowd. A garabage bag full of balloons is walked down the line as each player selects a balloon. On "Go", the players must pop the balloon using their hands. The person who pops the balloon with the shaving cream is eliminated and the next round begins until everyone is eliminated and the remaining player is the winner.