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Bobbing for Ho Hos

Posted by: Buffalo Dream Center

Game Type: group | Location: indoor | Food: Yes | Messy: Yes | Kidz Club: No | Urban Impact Youth: Yes


4 large bowls
4 boxes ho hos
4 gallons milk
4 paper plates
4 players


1 - 8’ table along the front of the room with bowls set along long side so players would face audience. Paper plates are placed to the right of each bowl. Bowls are filled with the milk and ho hos are opened and dumped in at the last second.

On “GO” players must bob in their bowl and retrieve as many of the ho hos as they can. The player that retrieves all their ho hos first OR the most when the time is up, wins.

-Players must only use their face; hands must be behind their back
-broken ho hos don’t count unless all pieces are retrieved.