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Apple On A Rope

Posted by: Buffalo Dream Center

Game Type: group | Location: indoor | Food: Yes | Messy: Yes | Kidz Club: No | Urban Impact Youth: Yes


Small to medium groups


For this game there are only two players on a team, one to hold the apple and the other to eat the apple. Set up the apples on ropes ahead of time. You do this by poking a hole through the apple, stringing a piece of thin rope about 3' in length through the apple and knot it several times at the end to prevent the apple from falling off. The apple holder will hold the one end of the rope in the air while the apple dangles and the apple eater will eat the apple while their hands are behind their back. The first team done eating the apple down to the core is the winner. You might want to have a judge to decide when a team is down to the core. With this game you should use caution because players could choke if they inhale the apple. So encourage them to concentrate on eating the apple and not laughing. Game is better for older players, great game for married couples. Some players have a hard time getting the first bite into the apple and the trick sometimes is to hit the apple with the force of your teeth. Careful do not this game if you have loose teeth.