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Egg Noodle

Posted by: Buffalo Dream Center

Game Type: group | Location: indoor | Food: Yes | Messy: Yes | Kidz Club: No | Urban Impact Youth: Yes


40 pool noodles
40 eggs (raw)
20 pairs stockings
40 shower caps
40 (10 for each team)


Players put shower caps on to cover all their hair, stockings are cut so there are 2 parts, 1 egg is places in the stocking down by the toe, stockings are tied around the head so the egg is on top

On “GO”, players try to smash the egg on their opponents heads without their own getting smashed. When the time is up, the team with the least amount of eggs broken wins.

Players must stay in the designated area. The noodles only hit the top of the head – anyone hitting anywhere else is disqualified.