The Center of Hope in Tirupati, India is overseen by Pastor Arul Arasu of Shekinah Ministries. The city of Tirupati, home to one of the largest Hindu temples, is a high tourist city. Recent studies have shown that a large percentage of people in the area are infected with HIV, leaving many children parentless.

The Center of Hope in Tirupati is a home for children whose parents have died of AIDS. The center provides a loving, Christ-centered home environment for the children and ensures they receive a good education.

As the children grow up and graduate from high school, the Center of Hope assists them with furthering their education. Some of the children, who have grown up in the home, have completed their nursing and pharmaceutical degrees. They are currently working in local hospitals.

The Center of Hope recently moved into its own building, dug a well, installed pipes for running water, and expanded to accommodate boys as well as girls.

Pastor Arul also oversees two local churches.