Sundays @ 10:00 AM

Fireman’s Park: Corner of Ellicott Street & North Division

Curbside Church began in March 2020. That year, during the pandemic, we experienced growth in many ways. We had growth in the number of volunteers and in the number of people showing up every Sunday to worship God, hear a message, and get a bag of food.

Curbside church was always about doing more than providing food for people once a week. Our focus is to provide long-term solutions for our members to find better housing, be set free from addictions, and grow stronger in their relationship with God so they could get back on their feet.

We started a program called the “Curbside Church Membership Program” where dedicated members get the chance to help set up and serve the food. They invest their own time in helping their community and others living in their situation. This allows members to take ownership of their church.

Every week we see miracles. Members are being healed of sickness both mental and physical. Many are finding better housing situations and jobs through the power of prayer and the support of the community we built in downtown Buffalo.