Each group class is $50 per month.


Each private class is $70 per month.


Tuition will be paid on the first of every month.


The registration fee is $30 PER FAMILY.


The costume fee for each class is due by February 1

*This will vary with each class, but will never be more than $60

            *Musicians performing can pick out and buy their own outfits.


Picture Day is Saturday, April 15th

            *The photographer will have packages available and will pay the photographer directly


There will be a $50 Showcase Fee Dye by May 1

*This includes one ticket to the show


Classes not performing in the showcase will not have the costume fee or showcase fee.

Those classes are…..

 -All Judo classes

 -Some private classes

        *Every parent, child, and teacher must choose if the child is ready for the showcase

-Adult dance exercise class


If you have any questions please talk to our director, Victoria Shurr. 716-951-9402