Rules, Guidelines, and Dress Code

Individuals participating in a mission trip through the Buffalo Dream Center:

  1. Submission and respect by Volunteer is to be shown to leadership and staff of the Buffalo Dream
    Center at all times.

  2. Realizing that the city or country being visited is culturally different than where Volunteer is from,
    Volunteer will not question or argue with the leadership and staff of the Buffalo Dream Center regarding
    the way they operate the various ministries.

  3. Volunteer is expected to follow the same daily schedule as the leadership, staff, and other volunteers
    of the Buffalo Dream Center.

  4. No new romantic relationships will be tolerated among team members.

  5. Volunteer is expected to provide his/her own spending money while on the trip. This amount should
    be based upon Volunteer’s own spending habits.

  6. Volunteer is responsible to provide any extra snacks and special food items he/she requires.

  7. Smoking on the mission trip is prohibited.

  8. No alcoholic beverages, illegal drugs, or pornography are allowed at any time or in anyone’s
    possession while on the missions trip.

  9. Volunteer’s sleeping area is to be kept clean at all times.

  10. Proper dress is required at all times. Please see “Dress Code”.

    I understand that failure to comply with one or more of these policies could result in my immediate
    dismissal from the property and/or ministry. In the event of a dismissal, there will be no refunds for the
    remainder of the scheduled trip.

    I agree to abide by the rules and regulations set forth by the Buffalo Dream Center, and I understand
    that they may change from time to time due to circumstances that dictate such changes.

    I agree to fully support the leadership and staff of the Buffalo Dream Center in word and conduct. I will
    remain positive and flexible. I understand that they are responsible for the performance, behavior and safety of each team member and have the right to request that a rebellious member or group leader be sent home at any point during the mission trip, at his or her own cost.

    I have read the above information thoroughly and fully understand all aspects of this document. I fully agree to comply with the guidelines above.


  1. Volunteers need to understand that there is a problem with lust and sexual immorality in Honduran culture even more so than at home.  Churches expect Christians to dress more conservatively then you are probably accustomed to.  Also, dressing more conservatively will eliminate unwanted comments and minimize problems in this area.

  2. The climate of Honduras is generally hot but can cool off at night and can be cool in high altitudes. Keep this in mind when packing clothing. Clothing that is loose-fitting and modest must be worn.

  3. Shorts are acceptable sometimes. They are NOT acceptable for any kind of church service, prison ministry, in the garbage dumps, or during street ministry. If they are worn they must come to at least the middle of your thigh and they cannot be spandex shorts.

  4. Shirts- Women’s shirts should be of modest length and not too tight fitting. The stomach should not be visible. Sleeveless shirts are not acceptable.  Modest tank tops are acceptable sometimes but not all of the time. They are NOT acceptable in prison, on street ministry, or at the garbage dump.   Spaghetti strap tank tops are unacceptable. For males, tight-fitting muscle shirts are unacceptable except during work projects. Loose-fitting muscles shirts are acceptable sometimes.  They are NOT acceptable in church, in prison, on the streets, or in the garbage dumps.

  5. Pants – For women capris and pants are acceptable.  Yoga pants and other tighter-fitting pants are acceptable.  However, if you are planning on wearing tight-fitting capris or pants, you should be sure your shirt pulls down over your bottom. No holey pants for church meetings.

  6. Volunteers should bring some clothing that he/she doesn’t mind getting ruined including an old pair of shoes.

  7. For church meetings nice casual clothes are acceptable. If a female is going to wear a skirt or dress it must come to their knees.  There will be occasions (not many) when skirts or dresses only are acceptable for a female so be sure to pack at least one skirt or dress. Shorts are not acceptable for church meetings for men or women. For men casual pants or nice jeans with a button-up or a polo shirt. Keep in mind most churches do not have air conditioning. Holey pants are not acceptable for church.

  8. There are occasions where you must wear long pants whether you are a male or female so be sure to pack long pants (garbage dump, jail, street ministry, church)

  9. For shoes, every team member must have at least one pair of running shoes that completely cover the foot. This is for your safety at work sites and in other locations such as the garbage dumps. Sandals and all other types of shoes are acceptable. You will be on your feet a lot and walking in places where you will want good supportive shoes.

  10. Do not bring a lot of expensive jewelry or accessories.

  11. Do not bring or wear any Chicago Bulls clothing, hats, jackets, etc.  In Honduras, Chicago Bulls clothing is related to a very dangerous gang.  Do not bring expensive shoes, particularly white Nikes with red logos.  These can also cause problems with gang members.

  12. If you are doing prison ministry please familiarize yourself with the dress guidelines for prison.

  13. You may have the opportunity to swim.  One-piece or modest two-piece bathing suits only for females. Swimming shorts for men.

La Mosquitia Additional Dress Code

Women must wear skirts below their knees in all church services and NO Shorts for women.  For men NO shorts in churches. DO NOT bring anything valuable.

The following rules, guidelines, and dress code were read: